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Certified Direct Repair Facility

What is it?

Many Insurance companies have partnerships established with approved repair facilities.  Each company has its own name for the program, Allstate calls it the PRO Program (Priority repair option), Unifund and Johnson call it Preferred claims service and Co-op calls it Enhanced Service Partner.
Regardless of what each company calls their respective programs the outcome is the same.  The insurance companies can direct claims to these selected facilities ensuring a high quality of workmanship, fraudulent activities are greatly reduced because of constant monitoring and their customers know that they are dealing with reputable shops.

To be included on an insurance company list of "Direct Repair Facilities", we must meet their rigorous criteria. This means having qualified staff, including office staff and technicians, and the proper repair equipment in the facility. The shop must meet the highest professional standards set for the auto body repair industry.

The insurance company will then guarantee the repairs done at these facilities. They can offer this because they are confident that these "Direct Repair Facilities" are Professional, Responsible and Qualified to repair today's complex vehicles.

Metro Collision is currently a "Direct Repair Facility" for:

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