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Environmental Issues

Protecting the environment is extremely important to us at Metro Collision Shop Ltd.. We can’t hide the fact that our type of business requires us to use toxic materials on a daily basis.  However, we do choose to be responsible and dispose of the materials in an environmentally proper manner. We use a hazardous waste company to remove these materials which are recycled and resold back to the automotive industry making sure nothing goes down the drain, or into the ground.

In addition to proper disposal of materials, Metro Collision uses ”PPG Envirobase” environmentally conscious products with very low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and special spray guns for the application of all primers and paints called an HVLP gun (High Volume, Low Pressure). Thus allowing all paint and primer products to be applied to the vehicle and decreasing the amount of waste exhausted into the air. The HVLP gun helps to meet the VOC levels excepted by the government.

Metro Collision complies with and/or exceeds all government restrictions and health standards set for our industry.

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