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Taking Care of Your Car

Tips for you and your vehicle

  1. The best choice is to always hand wash vehicle. Wetting the vehicle all over, start washing from the roof down leaving the dirtiest part to the last. Rinse and dry. Never wash in direct sun light. You should wait 90 days before waxing newly painted vehicles. Avoid commercial car washes.
  2. Bird droppings - Take a warm soapy rag, set on top the dropping until it softens, then lightly wash away residue.
  3. In case of an accident you should always carry a pen and paper along with insurance information and vehicle registration in dash. See our accident form for the required information.Glove Box Accident Form
  4. Winter time, 4 winter tires are the BEST for traction. All season tires do not always perform the best in bad winter conditions.
  5. In winter you should always carry in your trunk, a small shovel, booster cables, emergency kit, salt or sand (in a closed container), flash light, blanket, mitts, and boots.
  6. If stranded, put your 4 way flashers on and the hood up to indicate the vehicle is not movable.
  7. If in an accident do NOT drive the vehicle if you see any fluids leaking.
  8. We suggest undercoating should performed annually. You should choose a brand that has been around for a long period of time and has a proven track record. We can personally recommend some good products if you would like to drop in and see our friendly office staff.


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